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 [3/20/12] Files Erased - no videos

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PostSubject: [3/20/12] Files Erased - no videos    Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:47 pm

I was working on Senital when I forced shut-down my computer by holding the power button.
I turned it back on to continue working on Senital when I found out all the Senital files had been erased.

I still have Senital 1.0, but all the files of Senital 2.0 (the one I am most proud of) have been erased. Notch has fucked me over quite a bit. I decided not to stress over it that much because I still had Senital 2.0. What I'm planning on doing is taking Senital 1.0 (the one I gave away) and just recreating Senital 2.0 since all the hacks are already on it. This way all I have to do is recreate the clickable GUI...and the drawRects....and the mouseclicks....god dammit.

Anyway, Im spending the entire weekend working on Senital *3.0*. This means no new videos or tutorials up. Also, all other client making will be delayed. I currently have 2 people who messaged me for client making and 1 person who messaged me for Senital 1.0.

Sorry guys, but when it comes to my team, they come first. They are what brought me into coding.

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[3/20/12] Files Erased - no videos
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