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 How to get Approved

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PostSubject: How to get Approved   Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:09 pm

Welcome to the Minecraft Coding Tutorial Section. Here you may browse tutorials for minecraft client making. Only approved tutorials can be found here.

If you would like to post a tutorial, you must get it approved by an admin or moderator. To do this, you need to have a few requirements.


Tutorial must be explained
This means that you must explain what and why you are codding. You should explain what each code means and does so that people learn.

Skid Proof
Make sure your code is skid proof. This means that codes should be in picture, audio, or video form so that skids can't just copy and paste codes.

Make sure you tutorial is complete. Ive seen tutorials that just explain part of the codes. You cant just give the code then say general info on the next few steps.

Make sure the code is working and no errors are given. However, if there are errors, make sure you state them and the solution.


PM James
PM "Admin" AKA James. He will review your tutorial and make sure everything is working.

Adding your Tutorial
You will post your own tutorial. If you do, however, you must accept full responsibility as many questions and help will be asked of you from others. You are obligated to help others with a good, kind attitude. If you fail to do so, your tutorial will be removed.

Keeping in Touch
Like we stated, you must help others. This means you should be fairly active on the forum. If you do not, you should add another way of contacting you such as another form of IM or skype.


Can my tutorial just be a video?
Yes. As long as it is approved and meets the requirements.

What if my tutorial doesnt meet a requirement?
We'll see. Most requirements are important but if your tutorial is decent, we'll review it.

What if I cant keep up with all the help?
Then tell us. At least help a few members out and give them hints on how to fix things.

If any further explanations or questions are needed, please PM a forum administrator or moderator.
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How to get Approved
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